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  • How to NOT Die of Boredom After Retirement
  • ​The Remarkable Advantages of ADHD Minds
  • Run Forest, RUN
  • ​7 Best Gadgets for Getting Organized



Navigating ADHD in Retirement

Retirement with ADHD can be challenging due to the unstructured nature of time.


Schedule: Plan your days and adjust when bored.

Communities: Consider ADHD-friendly retirement places.

Health: Stick to medications and doctor visits.

MENDSS: Prioritize Meditation, Exercise, Nutrition, Daily interaction, Sleep, and Societal connection.

Support Groups: Connect with those with similar experiences.

Learning: Stay active with classes or lectures.

Advocacy: Differentiate ADHD symptoms from other age-related issues.

For an expanded perspective and deeper understanding of this subject, delve deeper here, 7 Tips for Navigating ADHD in Retirement

How Old Is Too Old For ADHD



ADHD: Hidden Superpowers

Creativity: ADHD minds often see unique solutions others miss.

Living in the Moment: Enables a deeper appreciation for the present.

Drive: When interested, their focus becomes laser-sharp.

Cognitive Flexibility: They think outside the box and adapt quickly.

Empathy: Their emotional depth allows profound connections.

Harnessing ADHD:

Self-awareness: Know your ADHD traits.

Routine: Structure helps manage tasks.

Breaks: Regular pauses aid focus.

Support: Therapy and groups provide coping techniques.


ADHD has challenges but also significant strengths. Embracing these can lead to enriched lives and unique perspectives. Centers like ATTN help tap into this potential.

For a richer exploration and more insights into this area, venture further here, The Amazing Advantages of Having ADHD

You Are An Innovator



ADHD affects brain functions like focus, organization, and impulsivity. It also limits the amount of dopamine produced in our brains, leading to easily losing interest in anything and everything.

Benefits of Exercise:

Exercise boosts dopamine, similar to ADHD medications, enhancing focus and reducing impulsivity.

Top Exercises for ADHD:

1. Cardio: Quickly elevates dopamine levels.+

2. Biking/Swimming: Offers intensity and variety.

3. CrossFit: High intensity with varied routines.

4. Team Sports: Promotes movement and social engagement.

5. Martial Arts: Merges physical activity with mindfulness.

6. Yoga/Pilates: Combines exercise with emotional regulation.

7. Rebounder: It's FUN!

For more in-depth insights, further exploration is recommended, 6 Best Exercises for ADHD

Exercise and ADHD Tiktok



High-Tech Watches:
Helps manage time as many with ADHD lack an 'internal clock.' TabTime offers vibrating reminders.

"Moving" Alarm Clocks:
For those struggling to wake up, these clocks, like Clocky, move around forcing you to get up.

Key Finders:
If you misplace keys often, these devices help you locate them. Options include clapping triggers or wireless transmitters.

Electronic Organizers or Smartphones:
Devices like Palm Pilots or smartphones assist with notes, reminders, and scheduling.

Shower Clocks:
For those who lose track of time in showers, waterproof clocks help. Models with radios are available too.

Useful for jotting down thoughts at night or anytime, some come with light for nighttime use.

Voice Recorders:
For capturing fleeting thoughts or meetings, options include software like Dragon Naturally Speaking or standalone recorders.

Use these gadgets wisely to support ADHD management.

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How ADHD of Them

Book Club

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