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  • 25 Friendly Careers: Finding Your Perfect Match
  • Neuro/Narc Romance: Exploring The Attraction
  • Weed: Is It  A Helpful Ally or A Misguided Remedy?
  • Top 10 Must-Have Apps for ADHD Adults


25 Friendly Careers: Finding Your Perfect Match.

Adults with ADHD often excel in jobs that align with their unique strengths, such as creativity, energy, and hyperfocus. Here's a condensed list of suitable careers:

Computer Programmer
ER Nurse
Sales Representative
Fitness Trainer
Graphic Designer
And many more…

Effective ADHD Management in the Workplace:

Minimize Distractions: Keep a clean, organized workspace.

Regulate Impulsivity: Recognize triggers; use calming techniques.

Manage Hyperactivity: Incorporate regular breaks.

Enhance Memory: Write down tasks; use reminders.

Combat Boredom: Break tasks into smaller segments.

Avoid Procrastination: Set deadlines; reward progress.

Improve Time Management: Use lists and track time.

Selecting a career that complements ADHD traits and applying these management strategies can lead to professional success.

16 ADHD Recommended Careers


Neuro/Narc Romance: Exploring The Attraction.

The Connection Between ADHD and Narcissistic Relationships

Individuals with ADHD might find themselves attracted to narcissistic partners due to shared traits like impulsiveness and thrill-seeking. Here's a brief exploration of this dynamic and tips for avoidance:

Shared Traits: ADHD and narcissism share traits like impulsiveness and a desire for excitement. ADHD includes empathy and executive function challenges, while narcissism involves grandiosity and manipulative behavior.

Attraction Factors: People with ADHD may be drawn to narcissistic partners for their charm and confidence, but it can lead to an unhealthy dynamic.

Risks in Relationships: ADHD individuals in narcissistic relationships can experience worsened symptoms like anxiety and depression.

Recognizing and Coping: It's important to recognize patterns, set boundaries, and seek professional support in such relationships.

Handling Memory Challenges: ADHD individuals should keep journals and rely on support networks to counter memory manipulation.

In summary, be cautious of toxic dynamics in ADHD-narcissism relationships, prioritize self-care, and seek help if needed.

The Narcissistic Mother vs. A Neurodivergent Mom


Weed: Is It Helpful Ally Or Misguided Remedy?

Does Weed Help With ADHD?

The use of cannabis (Cannabis sativa) to address adult ADHD symptoms, such as focus issues and impulsivity, remains a topic of ongoing research and debate.

Cannabis contains psychoactive Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and nonpsychoactive Cannabidiol (CBD).

Research results on its efficacy for ADHD are mixed, with some studies suggesting potential benefits while others find insufficient evidence.

The concept of microdosing cannabis for ADHD lacks substantial research. Notably, cannabis is not recommended for children due to potential adverse effects on brain development.

Limited studies indicate possible interactions between cannabis and ADHD medications like Ritalin, possibly affecting heart rate.

Despite beliefs about different effects of Sativa and Indica strains, research suggests that crossbreeding may diminish these distinctions.

Potential risks include respiratory issues, temporary mental effects, and impacts on cognitive performance and executive function.

It's advisable to consult a healthcare provider for a thorough understanding of the benefits and risks, especially when combining cannabis with ADHD medications.

Could I Use Weed For My ADHD?


Top 10 Must- Have Apps For ADHD Adults.

Certain apps offer valuable support to adults with ADHD.

These apps can help improve time management, task organization, and focus. They often include features like reminders, to-do lists, and calendar integration to help users stay on track with their daily responsibilities.

Additionally, some apps provide tools for tracking medication schedules and monitoring mood and energy levels, which can be especially helpful for individuals managing ADHD symptoms.

These digital tools offer a convenient and accessible way for adults with ADHD to enhance their productivity, reduce forgetfulness, and better manage their daily lives.

Apps you need if you have ADHD

Book Club

Is It You, Me, Or Adult ADD?

The science has been clear since 1994, when Adult ADHD was declared a medical diagnosis. Still, the public harbors misconceptions. That means millions suffer needlessly. Moreover, that includes millions of couples who can't understand why their marriages or intimate relationships are so hard—sometimes despite many attempts at couple therapy.

Everyone knows someone with adult ADHD. Yet we misattribute the symptoms to anxiety, depression, or even laziness, selfishness, or moodiness. Moreover, we assume ADHD means "little boys with ants in their pants." In fact, childhood hyperactivity goes "underground" as the person matures, resulting in a mentally restless state. Adult ADHD can affect every aspect of life, including education, employment, money-management, driving, sex, and health.

Meticulously researched by Gina Pera, Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.? is a comprehensive guide to recognizing the behaviors where you least expect them and developing compassion for couples wrestling with unrecognized ADHD-related challenges. It also offers the latest information from top experts, plenty of real-life details, and easy-to-understand guidelines for finding the best treatment options and practical solutions. The revolutionary message is one of hope for millions of people—and a joyous opportunity for a better life.

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